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Robert Miles: DJ known for 1995 hit Children dies aged 47

Robert Miles: DJ known for 1995 hit Children dies aged 47

Robert Miles, the British DJ whose trance hit Children was extremely popular in 1995, dies aged 47. The short illness took away the gifted musician, his colleagues paid a tribute in social media, thanking for the inspiration.

‘Robert Miles, rest in peace’ – these words you can read today in the social networks, the colleagues of Italian are shocked with his passing away. Famous DJ and laureate of the Brit Award died today after a short illness.

In 1995, DJs trance hit Children become viral, Robert topped the charts in 12 countries with the track. In 1996, Children reached number two in the UK, and year after, the musician won the Brit Award for The Best International Breakthrough Act.

DJ Miles

Robert Miles’ colleagues are paying tribute

The British singer Boy George wrote in the social media:

“R.I.P Robert Miles. Very sad news!”


Miles’ longtime friend Joe T Vannelli was his producer as well, the men were working together over decades. The saddest news about Miles’ passing away just shocked Joe:

“The tragic news of the death of a very talented artist of our time makes me incredulous and upset. “I will miss the fights, brawls, criticism, judgements but especially your talent in finding sounds and melodies unparalleled,”

he wrote.

Today, everyone is remembering the best moment of the musicisn’s career like 1997 Brit Awards Ceremony. the Italian DJ Robert Miles won that year an award as the best international newcomer. Since then, none the musician from Italy got Brit Awards statuette, Miles was the only one who can.

Miles Children

Robert Miles won the Brit Awards, 1997

His unforgettable Children became an instrumental and dance anthem, people all over the world like this composition, it is one of the most ever loved tracks on the planet. Robert understood that power of the music, which easily unites people.

Miles was born Roberto Concina in Switzerland on 3 November 1969 to Italian parents.