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Rocco Ritchie on Instagram said he’s ‘so glad’ he doesn’t live with mum Madonna

Rocco Ritchie on Instagram said he’s ‘so glad’ he doesn’t live with mum Madonna

Rocco Ritchie still dislikes the idea to live with his mum in the USA. The 16-year-old boy prefers to be a London resident and spend his days with the father and his new family. Recently, he has taken a swipe at mum Madonna in an Instagram post, Rocco said he is ‘so glad’ he doesn’t live with her anymore.

An Instagram battle between Madonna and her son Rocco is continuing, the 58-year-old mum says she loves the son, while he is laughing at her. Despite the mum’s recent support her son after he was arrested for possession of marijuana in London, teenager Rocco has now taken a jab at his mum in a since-deleted Instagram post.

Image result for madonna mannequin challengeMadonna is trying to get back Rocco’s favour and love, the star even took a part in the stupid mannequin challenge. The video showed Madonna with Rocco’s siblings David (11), and Mercy (10) are posing just as the food was hanging out their mouth. It looks very disgusting, but Madonna is ready to do anything to make Rocco come back to her.

When Rocco this photo chef d’oeuvre, he answered only:

‘So glad I don’t I live here anymore.’

Madonna feels no good after Rocco’s Instagram reaction

Madonna fans reportedly swept the post with questions asking why he was being so nasty, with Rocco simply responding with laughing emojis.

The 16-year-old was previously arrested for possessing marijuana, with reports saying Rocco was seen throwing something away before police approached him and found traces of the class B drug.

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Madonna released a statement following the arrest, the hitmaker stressed:

‘I love my son very much. I will do whatever I can to give him the support that he needs, and I ask that you respect our privacy at this time.’

It worth to note, that Guy Ritchie is taking this situation calmly, the British doesn’t want to make a noise from the teenager son. According to the father, Rocco’s recent arrest is a family matter, no comments will be followed. Earlier, Rocco was at the centre of a bitter custody dispute recently between Guy and Madonna before an agreement was reached.