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Sustainable swimwear made from recycled plastic litter

Sustainable swimwear made from recycled plastic litter

Italian swimwear brand Lumière Paris uses fabrics made from recycled ocean and landfill plastic, making it 100 per cent sustainable, Springwise reports.

The socially responsible firm provides an entire range of sustainable apparel – from activewear to swimwear and protective face masks. Turning pollution into high-end fashion, this fully sustainable brand works with various environmental organisations and donates one per cent of profits to ocean clean-ups.

Later this year, the company will also launch shape-wear, stockings and bags made of recycled and organic materials.

In fact, the ECONYL® fibre making any kind of garment breathable, pilling-resistant, and also twice as resistant to chlorine and suntan creams and oils as other swimwears. Even the ink used to print the apparel and packaging are sustainable water-based inks. They also provide carbon-neutral shipping.

“Unlike many brands, we don’t use recycled materials for just one product. All our apparel is made using Italian fabrics with ECONYL® fibre at its core produced from discarded plastics in the ocean and landfills,” the brand told Springwise.

The Italian firm is also currently in the process of creating a fully circular fashion economy, with a program that collects their products after their lifetime and converts them into new garments. How commercially successful will be a company that is the question.