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Thanksgiving Day 2016: TOP 5 wines for the special dinner

Thanksgiving Day 2016: TOP 5 wines for the special dinner

Thanksgiving Day is a special day in the year, people gather at the table and dinner in the evening. A bottle of dry wine, red or white one, can set off the taste of dishes. We choose TOP 5 wines, which can flatter your holiday table on Thanksgiving party.

Thanksgiving Day is coming, so families are looking for the best receipts and beverages fro this special dinner. While we all look forward to gathering around the table with our nearest and dearest, the stress of choosing which bottle to bring (or serve) at your holiday dinner can become overwhelming.

TOP 5 wine bottles that pair impeccably with all of your delectable Turkey Day favourites you can find in a list below. Any representative of this TOP can improve a fabulously faultless Thanksgiving feast.

TOP 5 wines for Thanksgiving table

1. Bisol Prosecco 
Sparkling wine is a great way to welcome guests while simultaneously stimulating the palate before a hearty meal. A fruit forward, spumante Prosecco is always a great choice, its fresh palate of apple and pear will certainly please an array of guests.

2. Domaine Laroche Chablis
This quintessential Chablis presents stunning flavours of baked apple, perfect for pairing with your entire meal. Switch up your usual California Chardonnay with a French Chablis, particularly this cuvée from Domaine Laroche.

3. Au bon climat Pinot Noir
If you like to serve American wine at Thanksgiving, this is the perfect bottle. Au Bon Climat truly showcases how amazing California Pinot Noir can be. Its stunning floral aromas and bright cherry palate mesh beautifully with all dishes on the table — especially the classic cranberry sauce.

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4. Cune Rioja Riserva
This outstanding bottle is full-bodied, lush and perfect with stuffing. While you might not immediately think of Rioja, the acidity in Tempranillo allows it to play very well with Thanksgiving fare. (especially if there’s sausage in it).

5. Pascal Janvier Jasnieres
This Loire Valley Chenin Blanc is a juicy, mouthwatering staple that pairs with an array of flavorful dishes. Its ripe, stone fruit palate of peach and pear dance alongside the flavours of the tender, white meat of turkey. Although wonderful with your meal, this Chenin is a great alternative for a non-bubbly aperitif choice.

Bon appetit!