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Theresa May fears to recognize the real problem of Brexit

Theresa May fears to recognize the real problem of Brexit

Theresa May can put the Great Britain in the predicament because of her attitude to Brexit, according to civil servants’ opinion. They believe she isn’t too brave to recognize it’ll be difficult for her country to leave the EU.

May was accused in the lack of political courage by Dave Penman, general secretary of the FDA, who represents senior civil servants without a possibility to talk directly to the media. The official and his colleagues wait for the March when article 50 will be triggered. However, Penman fears Brexit will have negative consequences for the country as May can’t talk openly about its complexity.

“It is pure politics that is defining the Brexit debate and forcing May to say this is not a big, difficult job, and it is all in hand. Ministers lack the political courage to admit how complex and time-consuming this will be.

Penman mentioned both acting and former officials often stops the dialogue when the opponent tries to draw attention to consequences of the Britain’s exit from the union. He added the Prime Minister and her supporters will face a necessity of choosing priorities in the coming months. Penman believes government should abandon some goals or increase resources to organize a successful Brexit. Ministers will need to drop some non-Brexit initiatives to do that.

Theresa May risks to face new legal challenge

Brexit can bring new problems with law for Theresa May, if the Prime Minister won’t give a vote to the House of Lords before the beginning of the process. Opponents of the Britain’s exit from the union believe Gina Miller shouldn’t be triggered without the approval from the Parliament. The group led by Gina Miller initiated a case to the Supreme Court. The businesswoman believes the Government will be forced to introduce legislation that will have to pass through both the Commons and the Lords in case of her victory. Miller’s success will mean all night sittings and total focus on the Brexit for the Parliament.

Ministers have raised concerns that peers could use the vote as an opportunity to delay Mrs May’s plans to trigger Article 50 by the end of March.