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Tokyo urges shorter timings for bars, restaurants in COVID-19 struggle

Tokyo urges shorter timings for bars, restaurants in COVID-19 struggle

The Tokyo municipal authorities have urged the bars and restaurants to short their working hours. In its fight against COVID-19 pandemic,

Tokyo residents were recommended to stay indoors as much as possible due to increasing of coronavirus cases, Tokyo’s governor declared on Wednesday. The health authorities confirmed that daily tallies on several recent days exceeding 500 in the capital city, where serious cases stood at 51 on Tuesday, the most since a state of emergency was lifted in May.

In her recent address to the Tokyo residents, Governor Yuriko Koike said that shorter working hours will be a great burden on business owners but “we ask for their understanding and cooperation”.

Under current circumstances, establishments would be eligible for government cash assistance over the 10 PM closures, set to run from Saturday until Dec. 17.

“I understand that the situation makes it hard for owners to keep their businesses going, but we also need to reduce the burden on medical staff, of whom we have a limited number,” Koike said and promised to give details during her next press conference, on Wednesday night.

In Japan, the coronavirus has ruined the 2020 Olympic Games plans. Taking into account the pace of the COVID-19 spread, the economical perspectives remain unclear.