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Tom Cruise injury shuts down ‘Mission: Impossible 6’ filming for 8 weeks

Tom Cruise injury shuts down ‘Mission: Impossible 6’ filming for 8 weeks

Tom Cruise is famous for doing many of his own stunts, during the ‘Mission: Impossible 6’ filming, the Hollywood A-lister broke his ankle. According to Paramount, this painful incident could be shut down for at least eight weeks.

Tom Cruise while the filming ‘Mission: Impossible 6’ broke an ankle and hurt his hip, so the producers stopped the filming for at least several weeks. The actor was scheduled to see his doctor this week, after which Paramount studio will determine how long shooting will be delayed.

Tom Cruise injury shuts down 'M 6' filming for 8 weeks

According to an original schedule, ‘Mission: Impossible 6’ should hit the theatres on July 27, 2018. But life is so unpredictable – Mr Cruise’s trauma could delay the release date. Moreover, if production does run over schedule, it’ll cause major problems for the other cast members, including Henry Cavill and Rebecca Hall, who have other projects waiting for them in the fall.

Filming could still wrap on time if Tom Cruise’s scenes are pushed to the tail end of the shoot. Of course, the recovery time is slower for someone 50 vs 25, but Cruise’s fitness should help him. Despite his age, the actor always had a perfect physical shape ha allowed him to do many stunts on his own. There are several Hollywood stars who do the same, including Vin Diesel (50), Keanu Reeves (52), and Robert Downey Jr. (52) as Iron Man.