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Tom Cruise shares first Top Gun 2 image as production starts

Tom Cruise shares first Top Gun 2 image as production starts

Tom Cruise was happy to inform his fans that Top Gun 2 is finally happening, the Hollywood A-lister shares first Top Gun 2 image as production starts. Tony Scott’s 1986 fighter pilot action-drama will be continued under the direction of Joseph Kosinski, Yahoo reports on Thursday.

The sequel to the 80s’ drama has been stuck on the highway to the danger zone for years now. Tom Cruise marked the last spring’s day as the start of the Top Gun 2’s producing. The actor shared the image and wrote  ‘Day One’.

The pilot action sequel is thought to be titled ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, with Cruise returning in that titular role, while Joseph Kosinski is stepping behind the camera.

In 2017, Tom Cruise told Australian television programme Sunrise that Top Gun sequel was “definitely happening”, the drama initially was called Top Gun: Maverick, it will be set in a world of drone technology. The new drama shows how much drone technology threatens to void the role of the fighter pilot.

Cruise is happy that Jerry Bruckheimer who produced the first movie with the late Don Simpson is back on board too. According to the preliminary schedule, Top Gun 2’s set for release in July 2019.

Another Cruise’s project Mission: Impossible – Fallout is set to release due out July 26. We will see not only Henry Cavill without his moustaches but Tom cruise, too.