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Trump, Kim agree to revive nuclear talks at DMZ meeting

Trump, Kim agree to revive nuclear talks at DMZ meeting

US President Trump paid an official visit to North Korea on Sunday, Nikkei reported. Kim Jong Un met American leader in the Demilitarized Zone to start a new round of the denuclearization talks.

Donald Trump has accepted Kim Jong Un’s invitation and landed in DMZ on Sunday. Since Hanoi summit that ended abruptly with no results, both sides have exchanged several letters and phone conversations. This week, Trump and Kim decided to revive nuclear talks.

“I never expected to meet you at this place,” Mr Kim told his American guest in English, moments after the first sitting US president stepped over the North Korean soil. Sunday meeting became the third one for both leaders.

The pair then went over to the South side, where they briefly chatted and spoke to the media before greeting South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Kim Jong Un hopes for “special relations” between US and North Korea

Donald Trump has expressed his gratitude for the invitation to North Korea, saying that was “a great honor”. According to the US President, it is time for the lot of “really positive things” to happen in the relations between the two countries.

“I’m sure our good relations have a mysterious power that can overcome difficulties,” Kim said after the closed-door talks in the House of Freedom on the South side of the DMZ.

The restarting of nuclear talks became the result of the meeting, both leaders agreed to designate a team for the upcoming event. “The teams will try to work out some details,” Trump said.

South Korea’s President Moon said that many Koreans “appreciate and support President Trump’s role of peacemaker.”

However, the experts don’t lay many hopes on Trump’s plans. According to critics, the visit to North Korea was driven by Trump’s lust for optics and drama of the DMZ rather than substance. In other words, Trump met Kim in pursuit of a photo-op for the 2020 election.