Today: Sunday, 10 December 2023 year

Turexit: Should Turkey leave NATO?

Turkey can leave NATO, say experts, but will it the really good decision for the country, especially now, when last week President Erdogan suppressed successfully the rebellion of the top militaries?

If Turkey leaves NATO, the risks to its security are minimal, on the other side, the Organisation would suffer if it quits. As a matter of fact, Turkey joined NATO in 1952 and stays its the most loyal partner for decades. Ankara fully assumes its responsibilities in defending the interests of the alliance, that’s why leaving the NATO remains a question of a reasonability.

It is important to note, however, that in the past few years relationship between NATO and Turkey became the strain. Partially, it can be explained with the instability from ISIS in the region. Last week Turkish political events, and the failed coup seemed to play its negative role in the relationships of Turkey and its NATO allies.

The formidable reminder of the US Secretary of State John Kerry warned that exploiting the coup to crack down on its detractors and undermine its democracy, could cost Turkey its NATO membership. So, where is Turkey going to, East or West? Will the country stay in NATO or should it leave? Turexit means a lot not only for NATO as an alliance but to Turkey itself.