Today: Sunday, 3 December 2023 year

UNSG Ban Ki-moon asks for cease-fire during Olympic Games

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon asked on Friday for a cease-fire on the period of the Olympic Games. The UNSG This international event will start on August 6 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The UNSG gives a statement, in which he pleas all the warring parties in the world to “silence the guns” during the 2016 OI in Rio. Ban Ki-moon acknowledged that “such an ambitious goal might seem unattainable” but challenged the planet to make it possible. Olympic Games are a symbol of the power of a spirit, physical culture and fair play, so the cease-fire will be the best gift to all nations of the world.

Asking for such an action — to stop the fighting — Ban Ki-moon also noted:

“I call on the warring parties to devote as much effort to silence the weapons on the battlefield as the athletes have to devote to winning medals.”

This year Olympic Games in Rio welcomes a team of refugees from war-torn countries. It is the fist time in the history of OI when its International Olympic Committee allowed the participation of such unusual team in the Games. “May the serenity of the Olympic flame stop the noise of the arms,” Ban Ki-moon concluded.