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Venezuela welcomes Russian bombers in show of support for Maduro regime

Venezuela welcomes Russian bombers in show of support for Maduro regime

Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro has demonstrated the Russian support when on Monday, he welcomed two Tu-160 bombers, Guardian reported. 

Venezuela and Russia are still close allies- Kremlin sent two planes, and such a move showed Moscow’s support for the government of socialist President Maduro. Two Tu-160 bombers have touched down at the Simón Bolívar international airport on Monday, right after Nicolas Maduro met Vladimir Putin in Russian capital a few days ago.

On Sunday, Venezuelan leader warned people that there was an attempt under way from the White House to disturb democratic life in Venezuela. Similar actions were directly co-ordinated from Washington, they try to launch a coup d’etat against the constitutional Maduro’s government.

Boh strategic bombers from Russia were used during the Kremlin’s campaign in Syria, aircraft were part of a larger fleet also including an An-124 military transport plane and an Il-62 passenger jet that had flown more than 10,000km to Venezuela, according to Russia’s defence ministry.

The experts believe the strengthening of Russia’s support is most likely a signal of support for the Maduro regime at a time when both Russia and Venezuela are experiencing increased tensions with the United States”, while Pentagon spokesman said Moscow’s deployment was inappropriate given the humanitarian “tragedy” unfolding in Venezuela.