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Vladimir Putin shows off his fearsome new Sarmat hypersonic missile

Vladimir Putin shows off his fearsome new Sarmat hypersonic missile

President Putin has answered in a very laconic manner to Donald Trump who told America will win an arms race. The Russian leader just tested launches terrifying 4,000 mph “invincible” hypersonic Sarmat missile, Mirror reported.

Vladimir Putin has shown off his new hypersonic missile as his war of words with American leader threatens to spill over into something more frightening. The massive expelling of the Russian diplomats made Putin answer symmetrically plus bonus. In a clear show of force, the footage demonstrates the fearsome Sarmat rocket blasting into space from one of the multiple Russian military bases, Plesetsk spaceport.

The second launch of the deadly hypersonic missile named Satan Two was successful, RT reported. The RS-28 Sarmat has a range of 6,000 miles and can wipe out the UK if fired from the east coast of Russia, an invincible missile can carry 12 warheads at once.

Putin’s answer amid an escalating war of words with Trump

The escalating war of words is one of the favourite Trump’s approaches to deal with the counterparts. Skripla case became a perfect reason to escalate the relations with Russia but Mr Putin used to act not talk. The Satan Two missile lunch comes shortly after US President warned his counterpart that America would win the arms race.

“If you want to have an arms race we can do that… But I’ll win,”

POTUS reportedly said in a phone call to Putin.

He made the call shortly after the Russian president unveiled a series of new, nuclear-capable weapons which could strike the US. The speech and computer generated video apparently showing the rockets striking the US mainland “got under the president’s skin”, an official close to Trump told NBC.