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Winter Olympics: Organizers address complaints about isolation hotels

Winter Olympics: Organizers address complaints about isolation hotels

Olympics in Beijing are taking place under extremely strict health protocol, and many athletes have already sent complaints regarding the organization. In 2022, International Olympic Committee did its best to isolate the guests to avoid spreading the COVID-19.

International Olympic Committee’s executive director for the games confirmed addressing complaints about isolation conditions for athletes who test positive for the coronavirus. The Committee also is working to ensure they have clean rooms, better food and access to training equipment and the internet.

“These are exactly the kind of things we have to address. It’s a duty. It’s a responsibility. We have to make sure that the expectations are met,” Christophe Dubi, the IOC chiref for the games said.

Beijing Olympics’ organizers continue to work to ensure “everything is perfect” for athletes waiting to be released. As Han Zirong of the Beijing Organizing Committee emphasized, the athletes who test positive will now be able to order food from the Olympic Village and have it delivered to their isolation rooms.

As part of the widest China’s efforts to prevent the pathogen from spreading during the Winter Olympics, everyone in the so-called Olympic bubble has to take daily PCR tests. A specially designed isolation facility will welcome the corona-bearers until they’re cleared for discharge, either through tests showing they’re negative or a review by a panel of medical experts.

As of Sunday morning, 363 people inside the Games bubble have tested positive for COVID-19. In addition to athletes, the figure includes media and team officials, AFP reports.