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Xi: China will hold a ‘safe, simple, splendid’ winter Olympics

Xi: China will hold a ‘safe, simple, splendid’ winter Olympics

China’s President vowed to hold a successful Winter Olympics next year in Beijing, saying said the sports event will be as safe as splendid.

Xi Jinping, in his address at the gathering of ambassadors in Beijing Wednesday evening, said his country is able to spend successfully the next winter Olympics.

“With the active support and participation of all parties, we’re confident about overcoming the impact of the pandemic and hosting a simple, safe and splendid Olympics,” Xi said.

The Beijing Winter Olympics set for February will be a test for President Xi. In fact, the history of the Olympics knows how the boycotts could ruin the international sports event, Bloomberg News has noted. One of the most pressing diplomatic matters for the Beijing Winter Olympics has been the alleged human rights abuses in Xinjiang.

For example, the White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki dismissed the idea that the US was discussing any joint boycott with allies, walking back comments from the State Department that suggested such a move could be in the cards. As an illustration of a row, the Chinese top diplomat’s spokesman Zhao Lijian said a boycott would harm the interests of athletes and “runs counter to the spirit of the Olympic charter.”