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Yemeni PM arrives in Saudi Arabia to discuss Riyadh deal

Yemeni PM arrives in Saudi Arabia to discuss Riyadh deal

Yemen’s head of government Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed arrived in Saudi Arabia’s capital to discuss the latest developments in the region, in particular, the Riyadh agreement, ArabNews reported.

Yemeni prime minister and the finance minister will meet the Saudi top officials to discuss the possibility of receiving economic support for their war-torn country. Amid the pandemic crisis when the public health system has collapsed, the Yemeni people urgently need support.

Now, Yemen has necessary obligations, which should be fulfilled as soon as possible to end the deterioration of the national currency exchange rate.

The ongoing efforts to complete the implementation of the Riyadh Deal and assess what has already been achieved.

The Yemeni first minister will further discuss what the government is doing to improve the level of services and the difficulties it is currently experiencing, as well as the proposals and required support to overcome them.

Yemen’s new government promised to focus on reviving the economy, halting the depreciation of the national currency, alleviating the suffering of Yemenis and combating the deepest-ever corruption in state bodies.