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Zika funding delay in Congress puts Americans at risk, Obama says

Zika funding delay in Congress puts Americans at risk, Obama says

President Obama in his statement in the Congress underlined the importance of Zika funding, being noted that it’ll be the first priority for senators when they come back to the work in seven weeks. A delay in Zika funding puts Americans at risk, President said.

Every day of delay, which the Republican leaders make in the US Congress, could cost lives to the Americans. That was the message of the recent President Obama statement in front of Congressmen prior they left for annual seven-weeks summer break.

The members of Congress, especially the Republicans, are waiting to do their job, being delayed an extremely important funding approval. Obama told about Zika, which every day can cost life to the Americans. According to Obama, such a delay in Congress has real-life consequences.

Zika virus in the USA has caused two outbreaks in Florida, the doctors have registered already 42 infected patients. All of them were biting by local mosquitoes. The virus’ been brought to the continental U.S. by more than 2,000 people. According to the Health ministry, 580 pregnant women across the U.S. are infected. That’s why approval of the funding for Zika virus vaccine is an extremely important for the US states, says Obama.