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Blac Chyna’s lawyer lied about $250,000 Adidas’ offer to her

Blac Chyna’s lawyer lied about $250,000 Adidas’ offer to her

Blac Chyna after becoming a very close friend of Kardashian family started to use their power for the personal purposes. This week, the German brand Adidas firmly denied offering Blac Chyna $250,000 to develop a shoe line. Her lawyer, thus, lied about this collaboration. At any case, the name of Chyna is at the centre of public attention. That’s what people called PR.

On Wednesday, Adidas strongly denied any offer it could make to Blac Chyna, the mother of Rob Kardashian’s baby. According to Ms Chyna’s lawyer, the brand Adidas offered her  $250,000 arrangement for a shoe line. But it’s the total false, said Germans.

A famous athletic brand called the reported deal ‘1 trillion percent false at level. She has never been on our radar.’

Chyna’s lawyer was lying so inspirationally that even insisted amount was too little. Now this gentleman commented: ‘I have absolutely no comment.’ Of course, PR reason was unclean and moody, but its result is obvious–Blac is on the everyone’s radar. That was required to prove.

Blac Chyna false report: Kardashian clan got furious

Rob Kardashian’s future wife was in talks with Adidas for a partnership to rival his sister Kylie’s work with sports brand Puma.

Chyna’s lawyer said she had turned down a two-shoe deal for $250k in anticipation of a much higher offer and the possibility of a third shoe with the apparel giant. However, the young lady made mistake, being so greedy for the public attention. Now, she proved to be controversial within the Kardashian clan, considering Kanye. The rapper (the husband of Kim’s sister Kylie) is already signed to Adidas.

The family, lead by matriarch Kris, is reportedly worried that trading on the name would damage the family brand.

Blac is also the mother of Tyga’s four-year-old son King Cairo. Tyga and Blac in February 2014