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Brad Pitt spent time with his children on Saturday, the day before Father’s Day

Brad Pitt spent time with his children on Saturday, the day before Father’s Day

Brad Pitt had a visit from several of his children on Saturday, on the eve of the Father’s Day.

Several hours with kids – that was a gift from Angelina Jolie to his estranged husband for father’s Day this year. For a big Hollywood family, it is the first time when they spend this day under different circumstances. Brad is doing his best not to loose the connection with his six offsprings but Angie doesn’t help him at all. The court battle is hidden but it is going on.

On Saturday, a Chevy Suburban SUV dropped several Pitt-Jolie kids off at his Hollywood-area compound to spend ‘several hours’ with the celeb father. Ms Jolie had a great plan for little ones on Sunday, the mother-of-six jetted off to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with all her kids. The Oscar-winning actress was spotted at LAX airport in Los Angeles with all offsprings.

So far, it is still unclear which kids paid a visit to the father Pitt – probably, the twins, Shilo and Zachara, say the friends of Jolie-Pitt family.

In charge: The next day, however, the little ones jetted off to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with mom Angelina Jolie; here she is seen with Knox on Thursday at The Supply Sergeant in Hollywood

Brad Pitt, Miss Jolie, and their kids: the court battle is not over

The most powerful Hollywood couple split in September, the divorce was initiated by Ms Jolie who accused her husband of violence. She was awarded primary custody at the time with Pitt allowed supervised visitation. Later, Jolie allowed Pitt to see the kids without the supervision of the social workers.

It is not clear what the arrangement is now, but it’s been reported by numerous outlets that the Troy star has been seeing the children regularly.