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Designer Thom Browne explains why he would dress Melania Trump

Designer Thom Browne explains why he would dress Melania Trump

Thom Browne, an American fashion designer, is open to dressing the first lady. His June interview with Surface revealed many other interesting details regarding the style and vision of the contemporary fashion industry.

Thom Browne believes that Americans should respect the presidential office, sometimes it is not only a political thing but an issue of style. That is why the role of the first lady is extremely important, the American designer believes. Mr Browne in his interview for Surface said that the dressing President would be one thing. But in case of Melania Trump, it’s different American fashion.

Thom is glad to dress the first lady because ‘it’s something that I would respect.’ Knowing Browne’s vision, it is easy to suggest that it’s important that everything you do is almost like one piece of art. The dressing Melania Trump is one of such things for American couturier, Thom said and added that ‘the response that the first lady got from designers in regards to dressing her’ was ‘unfortunate.’ In 2016, Ralph Lauren, Stefano Gabbana, Carolina Herrera, Tommy Hilfiger and even legendary Diane von Furstenberg have come out in favour of working with FLOTUS.

Thom Browne: designer for at least two first ladies

Mrs Trump isn’t the first First Lady Thom Browne has worked with, the American designer made several outfits for her predecessor, Michelle Obama. The wife of the 44th POTUS was sporting a personally commissioned look for the 2013 inauguration.

That Michelle’s dress for the inauguration was “pretty overwhelming,” but for Mr Browne is more important that FLOTUS was a strong supporter of so many American designers.

‘I’m sure I was one of many asked to create something. And that’s what made [her choosing mine] that much more special,”

American designer added.