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Leonardo DiCaprio returns a Picasso as US investigates 1MDB scandal

Leonardo DiCaprio returns a Picasso as US investigates 1MDB scandal

Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent losses are impressive, the Hollywood A-lister has to return Picasso painting and the Oscar statuette originally made for another actor, Marlon Brando. The ties between actor and 1Malaysia Development Berhad fund, known as 1MDB, will be investigated too.

DiCaprio’s spokesman also said the actor had returned an Oscar won by actor Marlon Brando that was given to him by Red Granite company as a sign of respect anf gratefulness for Leo’s work on The Wolf of Wall Street drama.

On Thursday, the Justice Department took legal action to recover about $540m in assets that authorities say were stolen by financiers associated with a sovereign wealth fund established by Malaysia’s prime minister. Among the items was also a masterpiece by Pablo Picasso – that painting given to actor Leonardo DiCaprio – as well as the rights to two Hollywood films.

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DiCaprio and financial scandal

The DoJ is investigating the case over an alleged conspiracy to launder money misappropriated from the 1MDB, which was set up by Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak in 2009 to promote economic development. The financial assets of Leo Dicaprio can be involved in this affair, too. The world’s biggest financial scandal is under investigation, say the experts, $3.2m was diverted from a 1MDB bond sale to buy a Picasso painting for DiCaprio.

“Dear Leonardo DiCaprio, happy belated birthday! This gift is for you,”

a friend of Low’s wrote in a note. In fact, there is no crime for DiCaprio in the receiving the birthday gift at all, but the entire situation is just disgusting. According to the official representative of an actor, Tianic star had accepted the gifts to raise funds in an auction for his environmental foundation.