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Madonna is turning 60, London gay artist created a stunning mural in her honour

Madonna is turning 60, London gay artist created a stunning mural in her honour

Madonna, one of the gay culture’s icon, turns 60 on Thursday, PinkNews reported. The London-based street artist has honoured the pop diva with her image on a wall of the gay bar The Glory, located in Kingsland Road.

The street artist Pegasus has covered a wall of the gay bar The Glory in the Shoreditch with stunning stencils of Madonna’s face a la Andy Warhol. The singer’s image is from around the time of her debut album, ‘Madonna’ released in 1983 and its cover showed the singer with short blond hair, hand on her face and bright lipstick like Marylin Monroe.

Shoreditch Madonna’s wall image comes in a range of neon colours, Pegasus decided to follow the famous style of the 60s, such a manner of images was invented by Andy Warhol. Pegasus is proud of his work, he said:

“Madonna has been my number one idol and main inspiration since the age of 5. She has consistently remained a trendsetter and image of success and inspiration to many while always staying relevant,”

he said to the journalists and added that he is of a generation that grew up watching Madonna succeed. The age-defying pop diva has inspired a lot of artists and become one of the most influential and powerful women who paved the way for many young performers.

The work took five and a half hours, Pegasus wrote on his Instagram account, thanking a friend for his help. The street artist, whose exhibition “Neon Nights” will open in London on October 20, said he wanted to pay tribute to his muse Madonna, who has been his icon for years.