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Serena Williams revealed she almost died after giving birth to her daughter

Serena Williams revealed she almost died after giving birth to her daughter

Serena Williams and her husband Alex Ohanian are happy parents to Alexis Olympia, but the tennis player confessed she almost died after giving birth to the first her child.

The American tennis legend Serena Williams during her interview with Vogue confessed that giving the birth to the kids is a real challenge. Serena, the young active woman, was bedridden for six weeks after the birth of Alexis Olympia last year. The reason for such strict bed regime was the complication after an emergency caesarean section, the tennis player revealed some details of the difficulties she experienced.

The ex-world No1 wrote on her Twitter:

“I almost died after giving birth to my daughter, Olympia.”

According to Williams, her pregnancy had gone smoothly before she encountered problems:

“First my C-section wound popped open due to the intense coughing I endured as a result of the embolism. I returned to surgery, where the doctors found a large hematoma, a swelling of clotted blood, in my abdomen. And then I returned to the operating room for a procedure that prevents clots from traveling to my lungs,”

Serena wrote.

Serena Williams on importance of adequate medical care for moms and newborn babies

Serena Williams agreed that she was lucky to have an access to the excellent medical care but others moms are not so lucky. The tennis star said:

“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, black women in the United States are over three times more likely to die from pregnancy or childbirth-related causes.”

She added that around the world, not only in the USA, thousands of mothers struggle to give birth in the poorest countries. And if they face complications like Serena’s, there are often no drugs, health facilities or doctors to save them, and that is horrible and can be even lethal.

Serena Williams urged people to donate to charities that help mothers and newborns around the world.