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Suicide Squad 2: Guy Ritchie reportedly set to direct

Suicide Squad 2: Guy Ritchie reportedly set to direct

Guy Ritchie may be a director for the next instalment of Suicide Squad 2, the British has revealed that he “quite fancied” directing the sequel, but was unable to register his interest in making it while he is busy with other projects.

The ex-husband of Madonna is going to set another great movie – Suicide Squad 2, everyone is expecting to see Jared Leto and all that bunch of characters from the first instalment. So far, the Warner Bros. intended to hire Mel Gibson as a director for this movie.

Mr Ritchie

While the rumours are heating up, Guy Ritchie is busy with the promotion of his historical drama King Arthur, the movie is released on May 12. According to Variety, the follow-up to the much-talked-about DC superhero film is still in the early stages of pre-production.

Speaking to Variety, Mr Ritchie explained:

“I quite fancy doing Suicide Squad 2, because I thought I could do a good job with it. I can’t do it because I’m doing something else, but I’ve felt I could really do something with that.”

The unbelievable success of  Suicide Squad surprised its director David Ayer who said he never had an idea to make The Joker the main villain of the piece. Now, it is absolutely clear that Jared Leto played the character perfectly. Mr Ayer could make Leto’s character the central one and to create a more grounded story. 

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