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Tom Hardy will get very weird and very naked in ‘Taboo’

Tom Hardy will get very weird and very naked in ‘Taboo’

Tom Hardy got a great chance to collaborate with the director Ridley Scott on the new BBC/FX show Taboo. A powerful, dramatic and very intriguing movie with Hardy as a leading actor who will get very weird in the film.

Tom Hardy plays James Delaney, a 19th Century explorer who’s been presumed dead for years, returning to London to… wreak complete fucking havoc, it seems. BBC One will show the promising a dark and violent drama set in the Victorian era, in which Hardy’s character is avenging the death of his father.

Of course, there is another subplot like a stolen diamonds, which seems very promising when infused with Scott and Hardy’s love of grimy violence and excess.

Among the actors is Oona Chaplin whose appearing in Scott’s movie was good this time, so, you may forget her miserable roles in both Game of Thrones and Black Mirror. Taboo will start airing on FX on January 10.

Hardy is set to resume his creative partnership with Knight for the forthcoming new season of Peaky Blinders in 2017, with filming for the fourth season set to begin in March.