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Vladimir Putin presents actor Steven Seagal with Russian passport

Vladimir Putin makes passports for new Russian citizens very quickly. On Friday, Steven Seagal received his Russian passport, it is officially cementing his new status. Now the ageing actor is the common citizen of the Russian Federation. In Moscow, Segal hopes to have a fresh start in his career, at least to find funding for their new action movies. In Russian language, obviously.

Vladimir Putin has personally handed a new Russian passport to the American actor Steven Seagal. During their short chat, that later was transcribed and uploaded to the Kremlin site, the Russian president said he hopes the gesture showed a ‘normalisation’ of strained relations with Washington. Moreover, two men agreed it must be an ‘absolutely depoliticised act’.

A round table in the Kremlin was a place where actor Seagal got his new passport from the hands of Vladimir Putin. This historical meeting on Friday was televised, many webloids wrote about this new page in the life of the losing the grip Hollywood actor.

Of course, the attention of President Putin is very flattering to Seagal, the Russian leader personally showed where to sign the passport. After signing, two men rose and shook hands. Mr Putin saying briefly: ‘I congratulate you,’ and Seagal answering, in Russian: ‘Thank you very much.’

Putin and ageing movie stars as new Russia’s citizens

Putin welcomes the ageing movie stars who want to get the Russian citizenship. Mr Seagal called the Russian passport a ‘great honour’, the same did French actor Gérard Depardieu in 2013, similar words said the US boxer Roy Jones Jr. Who is next?

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Vladimir Putin told Seagal that he hopes their ‘personal relationship will remain and continue’.