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Oil prices recover ahead of OPEC

The oil prices have started to recovery on Monday following the truce in the US-China trade war after G20 in Buenos Aires. The summit also helped to both Saudi Arabia and Russia confirmed their cooper...

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08 : 55
Inheritance of Billionaire Oleg Burlakov – A Battle on an Epic Scale
07 : 29
The Pentagon chief accused China of unwillingness to work on crisis situations.
07 : 26
Indian Prime Minister called a meeting because of a train collision in Odisha.
12 : 56
The President of Estonia arrived on a visit to Kyiv, Zelensky said.
12 : 01
Blinken told how he sees the world in Ukraine.
11 : 58
A scandal erupted over surveillance of officials in Slovakia.
07 : 48
Stoltenberg called on NATO countries to increase the production of ammunition.
18 : 41
Biden expressed readiness for tough competition with China.
18 : 38
The UN put forward practical proposals to the parties on the product deal.
13 : 19
The Kosovo police opposed the action of the Albanians in Kosovska Mitrovica.
08 : 35
NATO Secretary General commented on Kyiv’s attacks on Russian territory.
08 : 33
The South African leader sent ministers to the G7 countries to explain their position on Ukraine.
20 : 53
The United States reacted to Macron’s words about the revision of assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
15 : 43
Sweden should become a member of NATO before the summit in Vilnius, Norway said.
11 : 52
Gas prices in Europe have exceeded $300 per thousand cubic meters.
11 : 51
Kurti called for the Serbs who protested in Kosovo to be jailed.
06 : 51
North Korea declared the launch of a military satellite unsuccessful.
18 : 10
NATO will send an additional 700 people to Kosovo.
18 : 07
Turkey has named a possible date for the inauguration of Erdogan.
09 : 51
Sweden called a possible date for agreeing on new sanctions against Russia.
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