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George Clooney urges audience “Not to let hate win” in anti-Trump speech in Paris

George Clooney urges audience “Not to let hate win” in anti-Trump speech in Paris

George Clooney became the triumphant last week, the director and actor received an honorary award at Cesar, the French film ceremony, for his documentary ‘White helmets’. In his speech, the actor urged the auditory not to let hate win while the anti-Trump activity.

The documentary directed by George Clooney won the America award Oscar as The Best Documentary on Sunday. Two days earlier, ‘The white helmets’ became triumphant in Paris, the film received another prestigious award, at the 42nd annual Cesar ceremony in France.

Amal Clooney who is expecting twins was just adorable in the white dress. Receiving an honorary award in Paris last Friday, George Clooney gave a speech, in which he spoke against the “hate” and “fear” promulgated by U.S. President Donald Trump.

Despite the strong political context of his speech, Mr Clooney was sometimes humorous, the actor was accompanied onstage by Oscar-winner Jean Dujardin (The Artist), who offered up an impromptu, sometimes off-kilter translation of Clooney’s words.

The best passage from Clooney’s speech was definitely this one: “love Trumps hate, courage Trumps fear and always right Trump’s wrongs.”

George and Amal Clooney at the 42nd Cesar awards in Paris

George Clooney in his speech was really grateful to his wife Amal who is supporting him all the time. Being pregnant with the twins, Amal was seated in the audience and heard how her husband was “excited about the years, and especially the months, to come,” in allusion to the two babies, a girl and a boy, they are expecting this June.

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He then concluded with a quote from Cassius in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar:

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”