Today: Wednesday, 22 May 2024 year

Leonardo DiCaprio visits Edinburgh cafe

Leonardo DiCaprio visits Edinburgh cafe

Leonardo DiCaprio visited Scotland, he was seen today outside an Edinburgh restaurant where he had the short autograph session. Hollywood stars are always engaged in charity, for example, DiCaprio is trying to stop global warming and to help the teenagers from problem families.

Leonardo DiCaprio always takes part in projects that allow young people to obtain useful skills. The future of our children depends on us, sure actor, while his visiting Scotland on the first time. The restaurant in Edinburgh ‘Home’ gives its profits to the homeless, that’s why the Hollywood stars all the time visit this place and support this useful initiative.

Last year, Scotland had welcomed George Clooney who visited Social Bite in Rose Street in Edinburgh, In 2016 Home is glad to see another movie star. The Oscar-winner is in Edinburgh to speak at the Scottish Business Awards at the EICC.

Leo DiCaprio spent seconds signing autographs outside the restaurant where hundreds of fans were waiting. Many of them had queued in the rain for hours, the most loyal fans got up at 05:00 to see DiCaprio.