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Brexit arose many legal questions

Brexit arose many legal questions, moreover, now UK is facing a "divorce bill" of up to €20 billion (£18 billion) as the cost of exit the European Union, The Manchester Evening News reported. Brexit ...

Last news

18 : 50
A Starbucks coffee shop was attacked with a shotgun in Turkey.
18 : 48
The German Foreign Ministry called on the country’s citizens to leave Iran.
10 : 58
Duterte called on Manila to turn away from the disastrous path of alliance with the United States.
07 : 42
The Lebanese army was stationed in Christian areas of Beirut to prevent pogroms.
07 : 33
Argentina found Iran and Hezbollah responsible for the 1994 attack.
17 : 55
Switzerland will introduce restrictive measures during the conference on Ukraine.
17 : 53
France will place an aircraft carrier under NATO command for the first time.
13 : 25
The President of Romania promised Zelensky support in all areas.
08 : 06
In the United States, special prosecutors are investigating threats against members of Congress.
08 : 04
US authorities have asked social network X for data on violations in Brazil.
18 : 28
The Pentagon called for assistance to Ukraine in the coming months.
18 : 25
Scholz called migration and asylum reform in the EU a “historic step.”
14 : 23
The Nordic countries intend to create a group to support rapprochement between Ukraine and the EU.
10 : 13
Türkiye may deploy S-400 on the border with Iraq.
07 : 41
Kishida gave Biden plush Super Mario figures.
17 : 16
The Chairman of the UN General Assembly recalled the binding nature of Security Council resolutions.
17 : 15
The US is no longer ready to protect all NATO allies, Borrell said.
13 : 29
To move around Paris during the Olympics, mandatory QR codes will be introduced.
07 : 48
Musk commented on the situation with the influx of migrants into the United States.
07 : 46
Macron called on Serbia to closely coordinate decisions with the EU.
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