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Cruz and Kasich team up!

While the Democratic race for winning the nomination is a two-man race, the GOP still had three candidates believing in their chances. Well, we're pretty sure that Ohio Governor John Kasich was aware ...

Last news

19 : 40
Seismologists reported a new earthquake off the coast of the Philippines.
15 : 40
The United States has assured that it will not allow changes in the borders of the Gaza Strip.
07 : 53
The White House influenced the elections, thereby violating US law.
07 : 51
An earthquake occurred in Bangladesh.
07 : 40
The head of WHO called for the resumption of aid delivery to the Gaza Strip.
20 : 30
The US launched a Falcon 9 rocket carrying the first South Korean spy satellite.
12 : 40
Vucic called Belarus a friendly country.
12 : 38
Tusk expressed confidence that he will become Prime Minister of Poland.
07 : 27
Blinken left Israel immediately after fighting resumed.
07 : 25
Hungary will not veto the start of negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU.
16 : 37
The Congressional Judiciary Committee has accused Biden’s office of censoring YouTube.
15 : 55
Hungary may soon receive some of the money blocked by the EU.
06 : 13
Xi Jinping called for the realization of the Palestinian people’s right to life.
06 : 05
Israel confirmed the extension of the truce with Hamas by one day.
06 : 04
The head of the IAEA called on the world to start a new “nuclear deal” with Iran.
03 : 17
China has presented a plan to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
11 : 47
NATO will develop an interoperability plan for Ukraine.
11 : 46
Borrell offered Turkey cooperation in the fight against sanctions evasion.
06 : 40
The head of the EC spoke about the degree of readiness of Ukraine to join the European Union.
06 : 38
In the United States, the fall of the main Christmas tree was compared to Biden’s presidency.
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