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Steps are coming back with an ABBA song

Steps are coming back with an ABBA song

Steps, the musical band formed in 1997, is coming back with other hits from ABBA repertoire. The teens started their career twenty years ago but couldn’t work together for long period of time. Now, Steps comes back.

Steps as a band hadn’t long life despite their popularity, now, the band from 1997 is coming back. For such act of novelty, they choose a legendary ABBA hit. From the very beginning, the band was designed to cash in on the 1990s line-dancing craze, the time flies but Steps’ popularity is surprisingly long-lived.

Steps have surprised the musical industry when the producers posted an advert in The Stage announcing open auditions for a five-piece line-dancing pop group. After a long period of the silence and reforming in 2012, the musicians finally made a new album – which happens to include a song by Abba’s founders, Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson.

Steps today: hopes and aspirations

The British Steps often derided as a “bargain basement Abba”, they sold more than 15 million albums before their split in 2001.


The main song of the new album sounds in ABBA style, Lisa Scott-Lee told Popjustice that:

“We felt it was a good nod to where we’ve been musically as a band, but I related to the words while I was recording it,”

added the Step’s singer.

The musical observers find that it’s definitely a cunning choice – acknowledging the band’s debt to Abba, without desecrating one of their classics. Moreover, the song a-la ‘The winner takes it all’ even had the seal of approval from Abba themselves:

“Benny really liked our take on it. He said it’s almost as good as his version!”