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In European Union a case was opened to revise the policy towards Russia

Министры по европейским делам Германии, Франции и Польши призвали к пересмотру политики в отношении России, говорится в совместном заявлении МИД Германии. ⠀ По словам министров, конфликт на Укра...

Last news

08 : 48
Australia has joined the restrictions on Russian oil prices.
08 : 46
In Catalonia, about 70 people were injured in a train collision.
08 : 43
The Prime Minister of Mongolia called on the people of the country to calm.
08 : 41
In Germany, they conducted a major special operation because of the upcoming coup d’état.
08 : 40
China explained the refusal of the United States to supply Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine.
08 : 38
In Iran, they can block the bank accounts of women who do not wear the hijab.
08 : 36
Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan have described another 17 kilometers of the border.
08 : 34
China has announced a significant easing of anti-COVID policy.
19 : 48
The MEP sharply responded to Borrell’s words about the Ukrainian jungle.
19 : 46
Biden intends to run for a second presidential term.
19 : 44
The scientist accused the FBI of persecution because of his position on COVID-19.
19 : 42
Serbia’s position on sanctions against Russia will not change, Vučić said.
06 : 36
Borrell called for postponing the discussion of security guarantees for Russia.
06 : 34
Beijing reacted to the Pentagon report on China’s military power.
06 : 33
An explosion at a waterworks in Tokyo killed one person.
06 : 31
Iran has arrested 12 people on suspicion of subversive activities.
06 : 29
The DPRK opened artillery fire again in response to the firing of South Korea.
09 : 13
Scholz said that the effectiveness of sanctions against Russia is increasing.
09 : 11
Turkey has overcome the peak of inflation, said the head of the country’s Ministry of Finance.
09 : 10
In Istanbul, more than ten people were injured in an accident with a tram.
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