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Electric road built in Sweden

An electric road that was built in Sweden is the innovative concept by researchers at Lund University. The effective, ecological and low-cost road will definitely the most speedy road in the Scandinav...

Last news

04 : 34
The United States approved a bill to deprive China of the status of a developing country.
04 : 32
US allies in the Security Council announced Russia’s “bias” in the Sevpotok case.
18 : 14
The American senator urged to spend money on the United States, and not on Ukraine.
16 : 38
The website of the French Parliament has stopped working due to a possible cyber attack.
12 : 07
The explosion in Kabul killed six people.
12 : 05
The office of a TV company was shelled in Albania.
07 : 45
The CEC of Kazakhstan has published the results of the parliamentary elections.
21 : 09
‘Offensive passages’ removed from Agatha Christie books
21 : 07
The head of the Israeli Defense Ministry was fired after talking about judicial reform.
13 : 10
Nine people died due to floods and an earthquake in Afghanistan.
09 : 11
India has conveyed its concerns to the Canadian Ambassador over the anti-India rhetoric.
06 : 51
China and Honduras established diplomatic relations.
14 : 35
Germany urged to control the movement of dual-use goods.
12 : 33
Dodon called on the opposition in Moldova to unite.
08 : 37
At least seven people were killed by tornadoes in Mississippi.
06 : 17
Rwandan activist Rusesabajin was released in the United States.
17 : 31
The obligations enshrined in the Rome Statute of the ICC were recognized by the Constitutional Court of Armenia
15 : 50
A reinsurance company will be created in the EAEU countries.
14 : 37
Russia is losing geniuses: economist Marat Aidagulov is preparing to move to London.
13 : 18
Switzerland denies its involvement in finding weapons in Ukraine and continues its investigation
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